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The history of the complex of Wnuk's houses at Kościeliska no.8 street dates back to the beginning of Zakopane, which was formed at the time of the first parish establishment and the construction of the first church in the mid-nineteenth century. The first parish priest of Zakopane Father Joseph Stolarczyk finished building the church, and began to build the first large, two-story house in Zakopane, located a few dozen yards away, a landholder in Podhale region of Kościeliski, brother of the legendary Sabała - Joseph Krzeptowski. Now the house was the first in Zakopane where there were first pub, post office, library and guest rooms. Social and cultural life was there focused there and visited by famous people: Helena Modrzejewska, Jan Kasprowicz, Kazimierz Przerwa - Tetmajer, Władysław Orkan, Wincenty Witos, Tytus Chałbiński and many others.

On March 4th 1904, in the then Union of Mountaineers inn which was under care of the Blessed Andrew Bobola, which later turned into a Highlanders Association. In 1907, Joseph Krzeptowski’s granddaughter got married to John Wnuk, Lvov nationality restaurateur who came to Zakopane to cook for Henryk Sienkiewicz. From 1907 Joseph and John Wnuk were running a restaurant, together with an inn. Restaurant quickly gained a reputation and a large customer base, after all, John Wnuk apprenticed at Foyet in Paris - and works successfully until now.

Wnuk family had six children, and therefore in the second decade of the twentieth century they added more buildings for their growing family at the rear of the whole complex of the Alpine resort there are restaurants which are now open "Za Wnukiem".

The current building "Rooms" was lived by the daughters of John and Josephine - Janina Wnuk (1911-2000) and Sophie (1920-1992), but also periodically their siblings with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren .

House has always been an open meeting place for people of culture, politics and sports.

Among the famous people from the family of Wnuk at Kościeliska street there were:
- Włodzimierz Wnuk 1915-1992 grandson (the son of John and Josephine) - the leading author and activist of Podhale region,
- Joanna Wnuk- Nazarowa (the daughter of Włodzimierz) - Minister of Culture (1997-1999) and director of the Polish National Radio Symphony,
- Dr Margaret Wnuk (the granddaughter of John and Josephine) – the Jagiellonian University lecturer, activist of Podhale region and organizer cultural encounters at the restaurant " U Wnuka"
- Witold Wnuk (the son of Włodzimierz) - the founder and director of the Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow and Kuwait Chamber Philharmonic, whose wife Janina Wnuk runs the company "Za Wnukiem".